Cracker Country


Jan 01 2021 - Jun 01 2021


Florida State Fairgrounds
4800 US Hwy. 301 North, Tampa, FL 33610

Cracker Country is Tampa’s only living history museum and is located on the Florida State Fairgrounds. The museum holds a collection of 13 original buildings dating from 1870-1912 which were relocated from across the state of Florida. Our buildings range from public buildings like our Terry Store and Okahumpka Train Depot to private buildings like our Carlton and Smith homes. Today, the historically furnished buildings recreate the lifestyles of the past, and costumed interpreters portray daily living as Florida pioneers.

Cracker Country focuses on providing educational opportunities for the public to learn about old Florida.


Designed for Students in Grades 1-5
Bring your students and discover the daily lives of Florida’s pioneers. Spend the morning immersed in a rural community of the past and learn how a late 19th-century rural family survived. Try your hand at farm and household chores, explore community buildings and learn the skills of Florida’s pioneers. Students will compare their lives and those of children in 1898. All groups will dip a candle, make a class jump-rope and shop in our Cracker Country General Store.

Check-in: 10:00 am
Time: 10:15am-12:15pm
Student Cost: $8 per student
Chaperones: One adult (teacher or chaperone) per ten students is required and admitted for free. Additional adults pay the student rate of $8.

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Victorian Valentine

FREE: Great for Ages 8-14, all ages welcomeIn the Victorian era (1837-1901), valentines expressed their love and devotion with sentiments, poems, and lace-trimmed cards. Join us and discover the history behind some 1890s romance traditions. Did Victorians communicate secretly with their love interest by fluttering fans? What did it mean if your friend gave you a magnolia or a rose? And why did ready-made valentine’s cards become so popular in America around 1900?Content available Feb. 9, 2021 – March 9, 2021, by signing up with the link below.

FREE: Sign up by February 8 and on February 9 at 9 am we will email you a link to our Victorian Valentine program: including a 15 minute video, a downloadable valentine postcard circa 1910, techniques for pressing flowers in the 1890s, and information on how to communicate using Victorian codes.

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