Yummy’s World Presents: The Blue Jam – A Unique 2v2 Dance Battle Experience


Sep 23 2023

Tampa, FL – Yummy’s World is thrilled to announce a one-of-a-kind dance event, “The Blue 2v2 Jam,” set to captivate the dance community on September 23, 2023. This open/all-style dance battle is a vibrant celebration of creativity and talent, with a unique twist – all participants are required to wear the color blue for their costumes (shoes exempted).

Incorporating white and/or black elements into the look is encouraged, allowing dancers to showcase their inventive and artistic expressions.

Event Highlights:

Date: September 23, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM (Cypher), 7:30 PM (Prelims)
Venue: Southern Nights Tampa 📍
Age: 18+
Admission: $15 All Night
Competition Details:

The Blue Jam will feature an exhilarating 2v2 dance battle that promises excitement and innovation at every turn. Participants will not only have the chance to showcase their dance skills but also demonstrate their fashion sense and ability to create stunning blue-themed costumes. The grand-prize award for the winning duo is an impressive $500, making this battle a thrilling opportunity for dancers to showcase their best moves and claim victory.

Entertainment Lineup:

The event will be fueled by a carefully curated lineup of DJs and hosts who are passionate about creating an electrifying atmosphere for all attendees.


🔵 DJ Dilman
🔵 Host Yummy


🔵 Jedi Jermz
🔵 Vodou Revlon
🔵 Johni X

Participation and Registration:

Dancers looking to participate in The Blue 2v2 Jam can sign up directly at the venue. Registration will close promptly at 7:20 PM, so participants are encouraged to arrive early to secure their spot in this exciting competition.

Yummy’s World is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and inclusive dance community, and The Blue 2v2 Jam stands as a testament to their commitment to creativity, diversity, and pushing the boundaries of dance artistry.

For media inquiries, press passes, and further information about The Blue Jam, please contact:

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Instagram: @yumsgum

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About Yummy’s World:
A dance resource that promotes community initiatives, community building, & helps curate the development of dance artists and their creative direction.

Join us at The Blue Jam for an unforgettable night of dance, fashion, and entertainment!


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