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Nov 21 2020 - Dec 20 2020



Inspired by the Santa stories of Frank L. Baum (author of “The Wizard of Oz”), Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre presents his timeless tale with happy hand puppets of children, colorful staging and bright music. There is ice skating, skateboarding and snowball throwing. When Santa is captured by goblins, an elf and a penguin must deliver the gifts. But who gets what?

It’s an American Fairy Tale with Santa, elves, and goblins reminding children why they should be happy with the gifts they receive. A little girl uses a hammer and nails to make a dollhouse. A tough boy uses artist’s paints on his sled. A goblin learns to say, “I’m sorry”. And “Ho Ho Ho!” everyone is happy ever after!

Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre is a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization serving children from preschool through 3rd grade. While we would love to share a Giant puppet performance with you at this time, it’s impossible. So, let’s share wonderful smiles instead, with this musical toy puppet performance.

Digital Rental: $6.00/72 hours

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Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre


Digital Rental: $6.00/72 hours

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