The Unique Print – Gel Emulsion Lifts


Jun 27 2021

Creating the Unique Print – A One-Day, Three-Hour Workshop blending analogue processes and digital technology with David Dürbak

 Offering a small group of students and photographers a practical introduction to emulsion transfers with hands-on training on how to successfully prepare transfer image files, print the images to be transferred on dedicated “negative” film media, and prepare both waterleaf paper and a wood block as image transfer receptors, this workshop will have each participant delving into creating professional quality artistic images to keep and bring back home.


When working with emulsion transfer prints, the most important thing to remember is how different the process is from other photography processes and how the value of that process is unique. The process allows each photographer to slow down, thinking about each individual photograph, while learning to love those happy accidents.


Part I – Exploring What’s New in Chemicals, Media, Processes, and Techniques

  1. Tips and techniques with the new receiver films
  2. Tips and techniques with digital files


Part II – Exploring Concepts, Media, and Substrates

  1. Demonstration of emulsion transfers
  2. Hands-on experimentation with emulsion transfers


Materials provided: CD with analogue style image borders, pre-printed film media, transfer gel medium, waterleaf paper, wood panels




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