The Transmutation of Souls


May 29 2021
House of Shadows Creative Gallery & Market


House of Shadows Creative Gallery & Market
2101 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

“The Darkroom” at the House of Shadows Creative Gallery & Market, welcomes this month’s TBSoPA featured photographic artist, Jim Miller with his solo exhibition, The Transmutation of Souls.

Please join us for the opening of these 10 incredible pieces. Jim Miller will be giving an Artist Talk prior to the opening of the exhibit.

Reserve your seat! 

Ticket Information

Choose between General or VIP admission. VIP includes table seating and a complimentary bottle of wine. General admission tickets are free and for standing room only. Appetizers and refreshments may be available for sale.

The Transmutation of Souls

What is a soul? Can a person have more than one soul? Is reincarnation real or just a belief? Did humans evolve from animals? What is a spirit animal? Can a soul be changed? As I contemplate my own mortality I ask myself these and other questions.

The transmutation of souls project evolved from my attempt to understand how people I know have come to exhibit behavior that is completely foreign to who I thought they were. It’s as though their very soul has changed…

To learn more about the solo exhibition, the artist, the venue and organization, please visit the event link.


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