The Storytellers Academy Summer Series: Mastering the Story — Creative Writing for Teens (9th – 12th Grade)


Jul 29 2021 - Aug 26 2021

Mastering the Story — Creative Writing for Teens*

Senior Storytellers is a creative writing and story development course for teens. The program is intended to supplement standardized education by challenging young adults to harness the power of storytelling as a creative practice, a path to healing a restless soul, or a potential career field, all while strengthening critical skills that will better prepare for college-level courses and beyond.

In this course, students will:

  • learn how to read like a writer
  • develop creative problem-solving skills
  • experience giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • improve vocabulary
  • begin developing their own writing style
  • strengthen outlining skills
  • walk away with an improved mastery of storytelling, structure, and analysis

The work students produce in this course can be used to begin building a portfolio, inspire the start of a larger project, or submit for publication, display, or performance.

By the end of each series, students will be eligible to join The Storytellers Alliance Literary Society or apply for the Storyteller-In-Training (SIT) career development and mentor program.

*If you are 18+, please inquire about adult classes through The Storytellers Alliance by sending an email to with the subject [Adult Classes]




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