The Storytellers Academy Summer Series: Junior Storytellers (4th – 8th Grade)


Jul 29 2021 - Aug 26 2021

A fun & engaging program for young learners. Designed to strengthen literacy skills & enhance critical & creative thinking.

Junior Storytellers is a structured reading, writing, and arts program for learners in the 4th to 8th grades. Intended to supplement standardized education with the opportunity to explore the arts, practice developing a structured narrative, and engage in storytelling as an expressive outlet, for recreation, and to improve overall academic performance.

Junior Storytellers will develop critical thinking, creative writing, and effective communication skills, which will have a lasting impact as they transition from elementary through high school and into their college years.

All of our arts and humanities enrichment programs were created to be fun and engaging, designed to ignite a love of storytelling, increase confidence, and build community through story.

Storytellers will learn structured storytelling techniques and engage in a different creative practice activity each week. Students will explore the elements of story, create their own stories, receive instructor feedback, and participate in peer reviews of each other’s work.

Storytellers may also have the opportunity to showcase their stories through publication, display, or performance and will be eligible to join The Storytellers Alliance Literary Society.




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