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Oct 12 2020 - Dec 28 2020



Private tutor, live online at Teachbeach. He combines a unique viewpoint, a knowledge of cool aesthetics, a sense of humor, an undying interest in visual phenomena, a deep sense of history, combined with multiple layers of very sound practical experiences as a freehand drawer and designer.

He specializes in editorial and travel drawing advertising and is open to illustration assignments, in-house work, visual development, storyboarding, visual note-taking, architectural sketches, and more. As a practicing architect working for firms like Gensler over in Asia, Doug was able to experience spaces and places in Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, China, India, and Japan, and capture those scenes in numerous sketchbooks and digital tablets.

Doug is also known as “the Designer that can’t stop Drawing”. He employs drawing as the basis for so many creative acts. Doug is also known for teaching young students about the magic of immediate sketching and live drawing. He has been an instructor at the Academy of Art in SF, UC Berkeley Extension, and CAC.

“The more you draw, the more you can decipher the hidden depths of the creative process,” Doug notes. “The process of group and individual sketching becomes the spark for igniting new possibilities.”

His commitment to the East Bay community extends from a drawing tour of the historical buildings of Oakland to supporting a number of local art groups that include MOCHA and ACCFB. He is an active member of SPUR and Habitat for Humanity. Doug holds a Master’s in Architecture degree from Tulane University. His digital and hand illustrations can be seen in ED+C Magazine, GenslerOn, and now on his personal website

Doug brings a set of multiple and unique skills that enhance every project outcome for almost all types of clients, he always provides a different point of view and valuable insight through design thinking and visual concepts. With creative problem-solving skills in a variety of capacities, Doug is a proven leader, and an essential member of the design thinking team of today and the future.

Specialties: Architecture, Illustration, IPad drawing and painting, painting, graphics, art




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