Reception & Artist Talk | Leftovers: Lisa McCarthy & Georgia Vahue


Nov 30 2023


Gallery 221 HCC
4001 N. Tampa Bay Boulevard
Leftovers: Lisa McCarthy and Georgia Vahue
Gallery221@HCC | 2nd floor DLRC
October 23 – November 30, 2023
Closing Reception Thursday, November 30, 5–8 p.m.
Artist talk to begin at 6 p.m.
The things we hold on to from the past speak to our intent for the future. Whether a precious keepsake, last night’s dinner or social perceptions, what is “left over” can be tossed as easily as it can be treasured. Leftovers are tangible evidence of skill and care that remains after the initial act of creation has passed, full of nostalgia and urgency, of possibility and untapped potential.
Lisa McCarthy received her MFA from the University of South Florida in 2021 and is a founder of Factory Mark Gallery in Framingham, MA. Georgia Vahue is an arts educator, curator and former Executive Director of the Ruskin Firehouse Cultural Center.



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