Powerstories Voices of Women Theatre Festival


Jul 19 - 24 2022


Power Stories
2501 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606

Powerstories celebrates nine local and national novice to accomplished female playwrights in the return of the hybrid online and live Voices of Women Theatre Festival. The second annual Voices of Women Theatre Festival opens on July 19 and runs through July 24. On Friday night and Saturday afternoon, two performances will be available live in the theatre and live-streamed.

Though the Voices of Women Theatre Festival officially opens on Tuesday, July 19, patrons can begin watching the first view-on-demand production at 9 pm on Sunday. Each pre-recorded play can be enjoyed for 48 hours before a live Zoom interview with the playwright, cast, and crew at 9 pm EST each night. Learn more about each play and purchase $15 tickets at www.powerstories.com/2022-voices-of-women-theatre-festival

Featured plays are:

Tuesday, July 19
The Gentry of Essex by Blaire Baron
View on Demand beginning July 17 at 9 pm EST

Wednesday, July 20
Catherine by Addison Vaughn
View on Demand beginning July 18 at 9 pm EST

Thursday, July 21
Remembering Morgan by Annie Brown


Not Worthy Enough to Wipe Your Ass by Susan Jackson and Diana Brown
View on Demand beginning July 19 at 9 pm EST

Friday, July 22
Legal Gringa by Angela Page
Live in Theatre /Live-Streamed at 8 pm EST

Saturday, July 23
my body. my voice by Deborah Bostock-Kelley
Live in Theatre / Live-Streamed at 3 pm EST


A Good American by Denise David Williams
View on Demand beginning Thursday, July 21 at 9 pm EST

Sunday, July 24
Reclaiming Grounds by Beth Mahmoud-Howell
View on Demand beginning Friday, July 22 at 9 pm EST

Along with theatre founder Fran Powers, the participating playwrights unanimously feel that it is essential for women to raise their voices and tell their stories this year more than any other time in history.


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