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Jan 12 2021 - Aug 31 2021

Play’N Around Theatre Company is a professional theater company that tours live educational musical productions to theatres, schools, libraries, and special events. Operating year-round PATC offers main-stage productions, classes and workshops, summer programs, community special events, school collaborative projects and much more! PATC introduces young audiences to the performing arts through professional, fully-staged productions that appeal to children, parents, and educators while teaching morals and values.

Founded In 1999, Play’N Around Theatre has produced many original educational, as well as entertaining, adaptations to classic fairy tales. PATC presents productions to thousands of children yearly through classes, workshops, summer programs, and live performances. PATC has been dedicated to truly challenging and enlightening students in expanding their skills and knowledge of the theatre arts.

Our goal is to entertain and delight local audiences through quality, family-friendly arts entertainment at an affordable price while helping our audience grow through exposure to theatre and the arts. PATC works in connection with educators to support and complement their existing curricula, both through the shows we develop and the study guides we create. These study guides are provided to educators and parents as a tool to assist learning before and after their visit, maximizing the theatre experience.

Programs include:

Bullyproof The Musical – Available year-round.
BULLYPROOF the musical is an anti-bullying musical program that empowers children to stand together against the growing issue of bullying and violence in schools and communities.  Across the Tampa Bay area, BULLYPROOF is not only creating an awareness of bullying prevention but is providing real tools for those dealing with bullying in real life.  The show is recommended for all students.
Rumpelstiltskin – Available year-round.
The excitement begins when Gracie, the baker’s daughter, meets a magical little elf who spins straw into gold. Presented by Play’N Around Theatre Company, this original musical will teach children it isn’t nice to brag or boast and to never make a promise you can’t keep.
Little Red Riding Hood – Available year-round.
Join Little Red Riding Hood as she learns all about STRANGER DANGER. This classic fairy tale comes alive when Little Riding Hood meets Wolfie and Skunk, a mischievous duo from the woods. With a little luck and some help from her friends, she might just make it to Grandmother’s house while learning an important message along the way: “Never Talk to Strangers!
The Elves And the Shoemaker – Available November – January
Join Tiny and Shorty the elves on their next assignment as they help an old shoemaker create the most exquisite pair of shoes in town. This hilarious musical comedy delivers the wonderful message that you can be anything that you want to be “as long as you’re you.”


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