Photography Basics: Learn, Practice, Create.


Apr 30 2022


Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
400 N. Ashley Drive Tampa, FL 33602

This 4-hour workshop is limited to very small groups, with personal attention for

each attendee. The course is designed to provide the students with a sound

knowledge of how to operate their cameras for both solid technical results, as

well as creative applications. This class is based on multiple lecture

presentations as well as extensive hands-on applications and one on one


The topics covered in this workshop include:

Camera and lens basics, F-Stops, shutter speeds, ISO, focal lengths

Automatic versus manual captures, RAW versus JPG

Understanding histograms, correct exposures in varied conditions

Color temperature, white balance

Focus points, depth of field, including for creative purposes

Drive modes; from single images to high speed multiple captures

Freezing action or capturing movement

Basic composition principles and creative approaches

Basic photo editing in Photoshop

Student requirements: Camera and lens (or multiple lenses), fully charged

battery, media card, camera manual, and tripod if available.




Art Lovers,

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