North By Northwest (1959)


Jul 15 2021


Tampa Theatre
711 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602
2h 16m / Not Rated / Thriller

Celebrating 30 Years of Summer Classics on the Big Screen!

Albert Hitchcock directed some of the most famous set pieces in film history, and at least two of them are in North by Northwest — the crop-duster chase and the climax on Mt. Rushmore. But it makes sense that those scenes are so memorable; North by Northwest was conceived mainly as those two scenes with a spy movie to connect them. Contracted to make just one movie for MGM, Hitchcock used the opportunity to throw together a handful of flashy ideas he’d always wanted to film. The always-incredible Cary Grant plays advertising exec Roger Thornhill, who has the bad luck of being mistaken for a secret agent named George Kaplan. Pursued across the United States by agents of a mysterious organization trying to prevent him from blocking their plan to smuggle microfilm full of government secrets out of the country, he must rescue his new love (Eve Marie Saint), outwit his new enemy (James Mason), and turn out to be a natural at all this high-level espionage stuff. Probably because he’s Cary Grant.

Stick around after the Sunday screening for a FREE post-show Film Talk audience discussion and Q&A with retired University of South Florida film professor Harriet Deer.

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