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Practice and perfect reading standards through art at The Ringling! On this virtual tour, students will explore the concept of art through The Ringling’s collections. All tours are customizable and include objects from the European Art, Asian Art, Contemporary and Photography collections. Students will compare and contrast works of art, use observation skills to draw information from artworks, and discuss the multiplicity of meanings in works of art.

Teachers have two ways to include a Meet The Ringling virtual tour in your curriculum:

  • live virtual tour with a museum educator
  • recorded tour with lesson plans


Live Virtual Tour

Live virtual tours are conducted over Zoom or Microsoft Teams. These 30-60 minute virtual tours are led by an experienced museum educator who will meet with teachers ahead of the tour to plan a customized tour that perfectly fits with your ELA curriculum. Leveraging technology to engage students, this interactive tour will have students reading, writing, moving, and interacting with peers in a safe technological environment.

To request a live virtual tour, fill out this form.


Recorded Video Tour and Lesson Plans

The video option gives teachers the greatest amount of flexibility. These tours are designed with writing and discussion prompts for students, and teachers can easily pause the video to allow students time to reflect and respond. Video tours are split by grade level range and are easily adaptable to fit your curriculum needs:

  • Elementary Tour – explore four works of art through creative movement and ELA skills such as comparison, drawing evidence from a text to support a claim and narrative writing.
  • Middle School Tour – explore four works of art that tie into ELA and World History standards. Students will learn about the shift from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, Roman religion and mythology, Hinduism and Indus River civilizations, and will daydream in 1930s Mexico City.
  • High School Tour – explore four works through discussion and debate. Students will discover art from diverse cultures and time periods and will discuss the meaning and uses of art itself.

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