Make a Wall Cabinet with Philip Morley


Jan 09 - 15 2021


Florida School of Woodwork
1609 N Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602

The wall cabinet is inspired by the works of James Krenov with a Scandinavian influence.  Philip designed this piece both as its own work of art as well as means of displaying and housing work.  It is built with traditional joinery making it a classical piece – you will learn how to do bridle joints for the door construction, how to build frame and panel doors, how to cut shop sawn veneers, how to construct the main carcass with dowel construction making a very simple but effective and precise jig, you will learn about the importance of reference faces throughout the piece, and how to look at wood differently by using rip and flip to achieve quiet but beautiful grain.

Designed with a Scandinavian flair but stunningly beautiful, this cabinet is an excellent way to both develop your woodworking skills and make a statement in your home. Designed by Philip Morley – your instructor, you’ll find yourself learning about traditional joinery and careful craft and unique design touches.

This build will help you focus in on accurate layout, careful measurement, and the use of new techniques for building.
Some of the key learning points include:

The rip and flip technique
Dowel joinery (the correct way)
Frame and panel door/back
Reference faces/layout
Bridle joinery
Making your own shop-sawn veneer
Edge profiling with handtools
Installing Offset Knife Hinges (!)

This class also includes a full lunch each day so that students can concentrate on their work as well as having an opportunity to share time together.  Lunches will be delicious, interesting, and sustaining.

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