Heirloom Bench tools with Aspen Golann


Aug 30 2021 - Sep 03 2021


Florida School of Woodwork
1609 N Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602

Join Aspen Golann for this week of ancillary skill-building and be the only woodworker you know with a suite of handmade, custom benchtop tools including drafting pencils, bench brush & lidded box with cast brass hardware, and dovetail joinery.

In this class, we will address essential skills as well as three things that are often overlooked by professional furniture makers – hardware, customized drafting & bench tools. Students will learn to design and cast their own hardware in brass or bronze to personalize an elegant box with hand-cut dovetails. We will also learn to design, shape, and tie brushes for home and shop use. Lastly, we will make a three-piece set of pencils for drafting and layout. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a new way to apply a lifetime of woodworking experience, these are exciting and accessible crafts.

This class will help you hone your hand tool use, carving skills, flex your design muscles, and blend function and sculpture. We will cover traditional and modern carving techniques, lost wax casting, hardware design, hand-cut dovetails, milling, wood selection, wood grain, fiber tying, angled drilling, fiber choice, adhesives, and effective use of rasps, files & sandpaper.

Some of the skills covered:

Dovetail joinery with hand tools
Shaping with hand tools: spokeshaves, chisels, rasps & files
Carving: Traditional & Modern techniques
Customized hardware design
Wax carving & Metal casting using the lost wax process
Brush design
Pencil making
5/7 rule: Traditional hand tool shaping technique
Tampico fiber tying


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