Floral Admiration – A new kind of virtual gallery


Oct 22 2020 - Nov 22 2020



Periphery Media is excited to announce our newest exhibition!

Floral Admiration by Brittany Ellerbe is a series of eleven oil paintings of women on backgrounds of lush foliage.  The subjects, some based on women in the artist’s life and others a product of her imagination, offer with their gaze differing perceptions and emotions which are then deepened through the universal language of flowers.

Presented in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition aims to approximate the experience of an in-person display by showing each piece as an artifact in space. From Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park to sites around Tampa and Lakeland, Florida, each location was chosen because of a connection to the aesthetics or the feeling of the piece. Detail shots acquaint the viewer with the intimate aspects of the work and offer a closer look at the colors and textures.  It is meant to be understood as art within art.



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