Custom Paint Workshops with Letterfly & Guests


Feb 01 - 05 2021


4111 El Shaddiai Square, Plant City, FL 33565

5-day intensive workshops including Old-School Pinstriping, Hand-Lettering, Sign-Making, Flame Design, Airbrushing & Gold Leaf, Brush-Painted Portraits, Wet-Blended and Airbrushed Pin-Up Painting, and more.

Sometimes a rigorous, guided hands-on experience with a professional is what is needed to catapult the wanna-be pinstriper and custom painter into the realm of hi-profile money-making. The myriad aspects of custom paint for vehicles and motorcycles are all like pieces of a puzzle and even the professional painter can learn yet another tidbit from the plethora of knowledge and experience from another to add to his tool kit of tricks and repertoire of techniques.

The Custom Paint Workshops at Letterfly ArtPark in Florida provide an ideal situation for both the curious beginner and the accomplished artist, seeking some one-on-one with industry professionals, including Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer.

Students benefit from the extensive curriculum- the result of decades of creating a myriad of traditional hand-painted works- for the ongoing opportunity to ask questions as they learn to manipulate the paint into delicate designs, become familiar with the recipe and philosophy of combining aspects of color theory, viscosity ideals, and devices that provide special and unusual effects when used in surprising unconventional ways and embrace what paint pioneers do to efficiently handle the tasks of production and abundance.

Day 1: Sign Making

Day 2: Pinstriping

Day 3: Airbrushing

Day 4: Portraits & PinUps

Day 5: Gold Leaf

Choose one class or all five.


Letterfly Pinstriping and Mural Design Services


One class= $225 for full 8 hour day includes basic project materials All five classes = $850

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