Classical Carving with Mary May


Mar 22 - 26 2021


Florida School of Woodwork
1609 N Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602

Mary May, a well-known professional woodcarver and instructor from South Carolina, will walk you through the carving process using a variety of classical relief carving projects.

Starting the week with a simple lesson on working with the grain, Mary will then show you the process of carving a classical scallop shell. Next, she will share how to carve a floral relief design with overlapping petals. The class will cap off the week with that wonderful and traditional acanthus leaf that is seen on so many period furniture pieces. Throughout the week Mary will also demonstrate a variety of tricks and techniques on how to efficiently use the gouges, how to make difficult carving cuts, how to sharpen tools to a razor-sharp edge, and how to make the carving appear deeper than it actually is.

Students will have the opportunity of working on projects of their own choosing along with projects that Mary has selected for their suitability in teaching the skills being demonstrated.

This is a perfect class for both beginners and experienced carvers. Beginning carvers can learn the basics from Mary, while experienced carvers will have a whole week to pick Mary’s brain, clarify the questions they may have been struggling with over the years and practice the skills she will be showing you. This is a great opportunity to learn both the basics and the advanced techniques under the guidance of one of our country’s best carvers and instructors.


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