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Jan 11 2021 - May 31 2021
Chris Kahl is a musician and teaching artist that presents folk music performances featuring Florida history, and an extended residency that explores the Science of Sound.  His music and storytelling program titled “A Musical Journey Through Florida” consists of original songs and stories highlighting the state’s history. He performs statewide, and his programs have been sponsored by the Florida State Touring Roster, Florida Humanities Council Road Scholar program, Arts Council of Hillsborough County, Florida Historical Society and Stetson University’s Continuing Education Program.
He also works in schools presenting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programs to teach students scientific and mathematical concepts through music. These programs consist of activities that demonstrate scientific concepts relating to music by constructing and playing different instruments. His hands-on arts-integrated lessons are designed to motivate students to learn while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. His school residency programs have been sponsored by the Brevard Cultural Alliance, United Arts of Central Florida, and Arts 4 All Florida.
Programs include:
A Musical Journey Through Florida 

Chris Kahl takes audiences on a Musical Journey Through Florida, highlighting the rich history and culture of the Sunshine State. This folk music presentation takes students on a historical journey through the state, featuring performances of original songs and stories, and covering a wealth of historical events, characters, and folklore.

Topics include Ponce de Leon’s voyage to Florida in 1513, the rise of Florida’s citrus industry, how railroads opened up Florida to tourism, and the Seminole tribe and their relationship to the Everglades ecosystem and its species.

In addition to Florida history, Chris will cover his folk instruments (acoustic guitar and harmonica), his folk performing style, and his songwriting process. The presentation covers key aspects in the Florida Studies unit and is connected to the standards.


In this 5 session residency, students explore the connections between science and music by studying and creating musical instruments.  Specifically, students will construct and use instruments to demonstrate their understanding of pitch, frequency, wavelength and timbre.  The residency culminates in students undertaking an arts design challenge.  Chris Kahl, musician and teaching artist, will lead students through this engaging STEAM arts-integrated residency.


Chris Kahl

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