Center Stage Theater: Alice’s Wonderland


May 19 2024


Firehouse Cultural Center
101 1st Ave NE, Ruskin, FL 33570

Alice’s Wonderland is presented by MacBeth & Cheese in Partnership with the Firehouse Cultural Center. It is based on the play by ChickenShed as seen on Britain’s Got Talent.
We are proud to present for the very first time in the United States, this wonderful version of Alice In Wonderland!

Plot: Buckle up, buttercup, for a tumble down the rabbit hole into a world wilder than a tea party on a sugar rush! Alice, our pint-sized heroine, ditches boredom and follows a white rabbit with a serious case of the zoomies, landing ker-plop in Wonderland. This ain’t your grandma’s rose garden, though. Think: talking caterpillars with existential questions, mad hatters throwing riddle raves, and a queen who screams “Off with their heads!” more often than you change your socks.

Get ready to sing along to toe-tapping tunes that’ll have you grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Join Alice as she shrinks to the size of a thimble, navigates a logic-defying croquet game, and maybe even has a chat with a very purple, very philosophical caterpillar. Along the way, she’ll discover that imagination is the ultimate superpower, even when everyone else is barking mad (literally, in this case). So, grab your imaginary teacup and prepare to be whisked away on a whimsical adventure that’s crazier than a flamingo doing ballet in a tutu made of pancakes!

But don’t worry, this Wonderland welcomes everyone with open arms – from tiny tots to grown-up goofballs, it’s a show for the whole family! ❤️‍‍‍
For one special performance, talented sign language interpreters will be bringing the magic of the play to life for our hearing-impaired friends (contact us for info).
So come one, come all, for a trip that’s bonkers, brilliant, and bursting with fun – don’t be late for some very important dates! See you down the rabbit hole!

Firehouse Cultural Center


Firehouse Cultural Center




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