Breaking Barriers: PORTRAIT


May 14 - 18 2024


USF Contemporary Art Museum
4202 E. Fowler Avenue CAM101, Tampa, FL 33620

The USF Contemporary Art Museum is pleased to present the exhibition Breaking Barriers: PORTRAIT as part of its arts programming for military veterans. Breaking Barriers: PORTRAIT brings together the art of twenty-two U.S. veterans and their family members. The exhibition includes a selection of sixty-six photographs from two intensive artist-led photography workshops. PORTRAIT offers glimpses into intimate worlds, invoking both bitter and sweet humor while evoking generations of memories.

The artists featured in the exhibition include Crimi Arrieta, Manfedo Bobadilla, Pat Colbert, Agustin Collazo Jr., Gail Cross, Amanda Dodd, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Evan Fountain, Janine Hargrett, Derek Hopkins, Valerie Larson, Kevin Lipton, Mikko Maki, Dolores Matteo, Alicia Morales, Karidad Ramis-Hartman, Chris Smith, Kimberlee Nicole Smith, Roger St. Julian, Monika Sutton, Raianne Swanson, and Viana L.M. Tavares-Fischer.

We extend our deep gratitude to all the veterans and family members who were courageous and persistent enough to engage in the workshops and create their own photographic images. Their artwork serves as a visual platform, transforming the perception of the “silent veteran” into that of a storyteller and witness, amplifying the veteran voice within the larger community.

Breaking Barriers is a project by USFCAM in collaboration with the USF School of Art & Art History, with support from the USF Office of Veterans Success, Community Arts Impact Grant of the Hillsborough Arts Council, Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, Love IV Lawrence, USFCAM ACE (Art for Community Engagement) Fund Patrons, and the Florida Department of State, Florida Arts & Culture.


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