Beginning Woodworking


Jul 19 - 23 2021


Florida School of Woodwork
1609 N Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602

Learn How to Use to Power Tools &Build Furniture
In this hands-on class, you will learn the complete process of woodworking from concept to finished product. You will learn about:

  • How to Design furniture – see this blog entry “Designing Furniture,” to get an idea about some of the things you’ll learn
  • How to Mill Lumber – this means making wood straight, square, flat and true. You will learn how to use power tools such as the Jointer, Planer, Chop Saw and Table Saw
    • If you haven’t used any of these machines before, don’t worry! That’s why you’re taking the class to learn safe and proper use. If you’ve been using them for a while, we will check your technique and suggest upgrades for safety and productivity.
  • How to Do Joinery – Learn how to make three fundamental joints – Rabbets, Mortise and Tenon, and Mitres. These joints help you do the majority of woodworking projects.
  • Construction – Learn about the different kinds of glues used in woodworking, how to sand and what to sand with, how to clamp and various types of clamps (the YouTube video over on the right gives you a quick look)
  • How to Select a Finish – If you’ve been baffled by finishing this broad-based review will show you how to select a finish, and how to apply

This is a jammed packed five days, and we’ll make sure you get to put all the theory that you’re learning into practice with two projects – a chopping board and a small table.


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