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Arts council logos, funding credit

It is important and required that arts organizations and artists receiving funding from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County give recognition for the support they are receiving. Displaying the logos of the Arts Council and Hillsborough County helps to emphasize the importance of local funding for the arts.

  • Grant recipients must display the Arts Council logo and Hillsborough County logo on all printed and digital promotional materials. Credit must be provided on all communications – all news releases; print, radio and television advertising; curtain/event speeches; publications; and other marketing materials. Samples of the materials showing the logo should be attached to the grant’s final report.
  • On websites, grantees must display the Arts Council’s logo as well as the Hillsborough County logo.
  • It is preferred to display the logos, however, when it is not possible to display images, credit should be given through a text statement. Proper text-only credit would read: With the Support of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners.

Instructions for downloading and inserting logo files in documents

  1. Click the link of the file you need in the list below.
  2. The file will display in your web browser.
  3. Once the file is displayed, right-click on the image and choose Save As (Internet Explorer),  or Save Image As (Firefox, Safari and Chrome).
  4. Choose a location, and save the file.
  5. To insert the image in a document or presentation, follow the usual procedure per the program you are using for image insertion.
  6. Logo files are given in a larger format (to produce crisp resolution when printed) and can be reduced in size, but should never be expanded past the size provided.
  7. When reducing the size of a logo file, hold the CTRL key in Windows, CMD key in Mac while dragging the mouse pointer to size the image. This will prevent the logo from skewing horizontally or vertically and violating our branding guidelines.
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