Powerstories Theatre is Accepting Applications for Girlstories Leadership Theatre Summer Camp

At Powerstories, we believe in creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every girl feels valued, supported, and free to be her authentic self. Our Girlstories Leadership Theatre summer camp this June 10-21 is more than just theatre—it’s a safe space where girls can explore their creativity, express their unique voices, and cultivate leadership skills in a supportive community of peers and mentors. One of the core values of our program is embracing individuality. We celebrate differences and encourage girls to embrace who they are without fear of judgment or criticism. Whether they’re quiet and introspective or outgoing and energetic, every girl is encouraged to shine in her own way.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where girls can explore, learn, and grow. From theatre activities and dance to art and leadership workshops, every aspect of our program is designed to empower girls to become confident, resilient leaders on and off the stage.

Sign your girl up for the Powerstories Girlstories Leadership Theatre summer camp on June 10-21 and witness her blossom into a confident, empowered young woman.

When: June 10 -21
Where: The Cuban Club Cuban at 2010 N. Avenida Republica De Cuba, Ybor City, FL 33605
Cost: $125.00 (Scholarships are available upon request. Email fran@powerstories.com.)

Learn more and sign up at www.powerstories.com/glt-summer