Casting for Remembering Morgan – Powerstories Theatre Voices of Women Theatre Festival

Out-of-state playwright casting for one-act play in
Powerstories’ Voices of Women Theatre Festival July 2022

Casting ages 14-25

Characters can be of any gender. Names can be altered for that purpose

KAYCEE- (17, female) Strong and supportive. Close friend. Keeps her letter private. Only one to truly know how Morgan died.

TEGAN- (18, female) Adventurous. Middle school best friend who drifted off due to broken promises. First letter written by Morgan.

JO- (17, male) Sweet but struggles in the wrong group of friends. He struggles with how his friends reacted to this loss.

MAISIE- (18, female) Wants to be seen as superior but hates what that has turned her into. Morgan’s elementary best friend.

PEYTON- (17, female) Wants the best for everybody. An acquaintance of Morgan. Often mistaken for her.

JASON- (17, male) Doubts themself far too often.

OLLIE-  (17, male) hopeless romantic but cares deeply about others.

KADIE – (17, female)  a friend. Isn’t too affected by this loss but assists others though grieving.

Playwright / Director Contact: Annie Brown