Call for Latinx Artists

In celebration of Josefina López’s play, “Real Women Have Curves,” our first production since March 2020, Powerstories is seeking Latinx artists to christen our brand-new art wall and display their original artwork in our lobby and online.

As “Real Women Have Curves” tells the story of five strong Latinx women, we would like to highlight Latinx artists of any visual arts medium from sketch, charcoal, paint to photography on this wall.
In partnering with Powerstories Theatre, we ask that you support the theatre by letting your social media, friends, and family know about your participation in our inaugural showcase.
. Artwork will be displayed in the theatre for guests to inquire directly to you for purchase after the close of the production. We ask that artwork be submitted in a way that it can easily be hung on the art wall.
Depending upon size, we have space for up to 20 pieces, first come, first served.
Additionally, without cost, to promote you, we will provide a preshow slideshow featuring you and your work, feature your work on a dedicated page on our website, and share in social media and press releases.