Arts & Culture Instructors

The Carrollwood Cultural Center is seeking part-time arts and culture instructors for its year-round programming.

The Center is equipped with studio space for art (painting, drawing, etc.), ceramics studio, computer-based programs, dance, music, and theatre, in addition to several multi-purpose rooms for other classroom-orientated courses like a foreign language, creative writing, yoga, and Tai Chi. The center offers a multitude of in-person and virtual sessions. Several classes have been part of the curriculum since 2008.

Classes are offered for all ages ranging from 3 to 103. All instructors are background checked. Any instructors applying to work with minors must be level II certified.

Process for Applying Carrollwood Cultural Center Instructors

Below is the process for applying to be a part-time independent contractor and proposing a new course or workshop.

Please email the Education Director with the requested information below to request scheduling an interview.

Visit our website to view our current educational programming and familiarize yourself with the classes we offer before inquiring.

  1. Send a resume with credentials and 3 references to the Education Director.
  2. Provide the specified age range for the class. An instructor must be Level II certified to teach a children’s class or workshop.
  3. Provide 2 options for time and day and specify dates for the class. Provide the ideal duration for each class meeting.
  4. Write a description of the class. Provide a list of any necessary materials and set up for the class whether provided by the instructor or students.
  5. Why do you think your class or workshop would be a good fit with the CCC’s current educational offerings?