Zack McGhin – Painter and Educator

Zack McGhin is a visual artist from central Florida specializing in drawing and painting. He received his MFA in Studio Art from American University in Washington, DC.

Zack’s artistic practice centers around nostalgia and is his way of engaging with and processing his past and current experiences and interests. He believes the selection of subject is the foundation of any artwork and should stem from a personal connection above all else. For him, that connection is my interest in science-fiction, fantasy, and games from his childhood. The exploration of the visual implications of these fandoms and working to represent how a devotion to fictional works can shape one’s life is the driving force behind his practice. Zack works in both portraiture and still life and combines elements of fandoms with classical painting techniques to create work that addresses the adoration one can have for works of fiction. This combination furthers the nostalgic view of his chosen subjects as they represent a “hanging-on” to a time that has long past but still lingers. Zack has recently begun to incorporate digital media into the creation of his artwork as a way to further connect his technique and subject matter, bringing the past closer to the present.

For more information, or for commission requests, visit his website at and follow Zack on his various social media platforms.