Tony A. Blue – American Painter

I’m an artist, that’s all I’ve ever been for 50+ years – known by some as the Warren Zevon of contemporary painters! I paint because it gives me a means to express myself and what is on my mind at the time, even if it’s a little bizarre – that’s the Zevon connection. My work is usually expressionistic (To me expressionism is letting my imagination run wild like I’m sure it did when I was five. Whether objective or non-objective, it’s all about lines, marks, splatters, blobs, etc. that push the painting into the expressionist zone – an exciting place for sure!), some with my “2-cents commentary” mixed in, or expressionistic landscapes, abstracted to a point, and an emphasis on the tropics and color – I use acrylics and mixed media in my Hudson, Florida studio. One thing for sure, creative ideas flow like a river – I’m, going to need a lot more paint!