Roberta Schofield

STATEMENT: Our reality is now so tied to photographs that everyone carries a camera and the photos that document our reality are being regularly shared in a global forum. As an artist, I can easily change that reality into fantasy – the moment in time becomes the timeless moment – through photo-editing software. This digital world, made up of discrete pixels, when enlarged to 52″ x 78″, becomes intensely pure. The textures, values, colors, and lines peculiar to the digital world, are all formed by tiny squares even smaller than the tesserae of mosaics. I find these characteristics to be infinitely fascinating. Computer software provides a wide variety of possible combinations that can be manipulated to create odd and rich imagery. I have only scratched the surface of the possible so far because “happy accident” is a major characteristic of this exploration which keeps the process always fresh and new.  I do not create editions. I destroy all but low-quality files of pieces that are sold to ensure that the images are one-of-a-kind.