Renee Warmack, MPA

Filmmaker, Event Producer, Writer, Publicist

  • Multimedia – documentary films, promotional and training videos, websites and graphic design
  • Events – conferences, workshops, and seminars
  • Writing – website copy, promotional materials, press releases, cover letters, résumés, and resignation letters

My story: Tampa native, filmmaker, and change agent Renee Warmack, MPA, grew up in a blue-collar family and is the youngest of three girls. At an early age, she knew that earning an athletic scholarship was the only way she could afford college. Without the means to belong to a country club, she practiced tennis by reading a tennis guide with instructional photos and hitting balls against a wall… any wall she could find. Warmack excelled as a standout, multi-sport, high school athlete and achieved her dream of playing NCAA Division I tennis at the University of South Florida (USF) on a sports scholarship.

She earned her BA degree in Creative Writingand a Master’s degree in Public Administration at USF.

In 2019, she produced, directed, and wrote Because of Sam that chronicles the inspirational journey of Sam Piazza, a young man with Down syndrome who won Homecoming King and is an advocate for people with disabilities. The movie is transforming how the world views people with disabilities. Watch the full 50-minute documentary at:

In 2008, she produced, directed, and wrote A Community with a Dream: The Founding of the Children’s Board (CBHC) a documentarythat commemorates the 20th anniversary of a special taxing district in Tampa dedicated to helping kids succeed. The film describes the touching, grassroots effort that led to the creation of the CBHC. The movie premiered on government television and was widely embraced by the community.

Warmack produced her first film in 2007, called “Ten at the Top in Tampa Bay”, a documentary that chronicles the careers of top female government leaders and shares how they broke the glass ceiling. She produced, directed and wrote the documentary to celebrate an unprecedented time in Tampa history where 10 women-led (at the same time) government institutions, traditionally headed up by men. The movie premiered on PBS in 2007, aired on government channels, was featured in film festivals, and is used as a teaching tool. You can learn more about her movies at IMDb and her YouTube channel.

Warmack retired in 2017 from a 20-year government career where she worked in human rights advocacy, public relations, and program administration. Her inspirational movies, engaging events, and impactful coaching program are game-changers that help empower dreamers.

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