Patricia Beebe

My discovery of watercolors began in 1992 with a class at USF. The flow of color, the subtle shading and the unpredictable nature of the media allow me to express my artistic vision in a unique way.  My inspiration is the natural world around us. I have been blessed with a lifetime of travel around this globe we share. I have experienced many wondrous wildlife encounters and met amazing people in exotic locales. These adventures inform my art.

Over the years, I have worked on a variety of surfaces for my paintings including hot & cold-pressed papers, canvas, Yupo and Aquabord. I pick from these based on the effect I am looking for in a particular work.  When I want a loose feel to the painting, I usually choose to use Yupo, because the paint retains really saturated colors and flows beautifully.  Canvas adds texture for watercolors not available on any other surface and has the benefit of not having to be framed behind glass. Aquaboard allows me to render extremely fine detail. With the subject and the surface selected, I then decide how best to render my vision. While watercolor paint is my primary medium of choice, I also work in hard pastels. Often I combine the two, and at times Ink, in the same piece to tighten and give emphasis to the subject.

I have taken many classes and read about many different techniques, but the true joy of painting is in the creation. Practice may not make perfect, but it does help inform how best to accomplish the goals you set for yourself with each painting.  My website provides examples of the major techniques used in my large body of work and showcases the exotic destinations I have been privileged to visit.


Patricia Beebe was born in Tampa, FL where she lives today with her husband David.  She has been painting in watercolor since 1992.  Since retiring from a career in Information Technology in 2011, she has devoted herself to further developing and fine-tuning her artistic expression.

She has shown her work at the Jimmy B Keel Regional Library, Lowry Park zoo, and local hospitals.  She joined North Tampa Art League in 2013. Recently some of her artwork was shown at Hunter’s Green and at the Carrollwood Cultural Center.