Nathan Beard

Nathan currently maintains a studio in St. Petersburg, Florida while also employed in the role of a stay-at-home dad and devoted husband, helping to raise his toddler daughter and her ducks. Previously, he was a Visual Arts Consultant in Denver, Colorado during the years 2005-2010 where he assisted clients with the acquisition of artwork for commercial, public and residential spaces.

Painting with acrylic on board, Nathan’s current body of work is an abstract representation of the fleeting moments of everyday life and is based upon a recollection of the sensations, colors, and spaces that he perceives daily. Approaching each blank, white surface with no particular end in mind, Nathan begins his Abstract paintings with intuitive, automatic gestures. Each subsequent color, line or shape is a direct response to that which preceded it. After time, the image begins to remind Nathan of a memory he has of a particular place, time, or event. A title might suggest itself, guiding him towards its completion. Partly inspired by the density of Floridian flora and partly by drawing sessions with his daughter, Nathan holds an impassioned visual interest in automatic gesture, interconnected layers and their philosophical relationship to moments of time and memory. He intends for his paintings to stand as metaphors for life and its constant, unfolding, overlapping, mysterious, and playful nature.