Natasha Kochart

Natasha Kochart ( Nataliia Nikolaevna Kochubei ) is Ukrainian born artist ( 1986 ) who now lives in Tampa, Florida with her family. Since she was about 8 y.o she dedicated almost all her free time to drawing. She liked to draw portraits of her family and did many different art projects for high school and university. Later in life Natasha have decided to take her art passion seriously and started to paint with acrylics and oil on a stretched canvas, paper and wood boards. Her favorite subjects are extraterrestrial theme, flowers, shapes and abstraction. But she keeps experimenting with different themes and mediums. Natasha now is a full-time artist and keeps educating herself every day, in order to become a better artist. Art lovers and collectors from New York, New Jersey, Canada and Europe recognized Natasha’s talent and invested in buying her paintings.

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