Megan Euker

Megan Euker is an Italian and American artist/designer and a two-time U.S. Fulbright recipient to Italy (Fellow, 2008-9 to Florence and scholar, 2022-23 to Sicily). 

She comes from a background in art and design, obtaining MFA and BFA degrees from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Euker is the Project Manager at San Rocco Therapeutics and has also taught at SAIC, USF in Tampa, Florida, the Siena Art Institute, Italy, and MADE in Sicily, among other universities. Additionally, Euker is the agent for Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Patrick Girondi and his band, Patrick Girondi & the Orphan’s Dream. She has produced the artwork for six of Girondi’s books as well as trailers for the books.

Euker has exhibited artwork internationally at galleries  (represented by Linda Warren Projects since 2008) and museums, including a solo exhibition “The Cure” at The International Museum of Surgical Science” (IMSS) in Chicago. She has additionally curated three exhibitions of her students work at the IMSS, featuring medical devices created under her mentorship.