Mark Aeling

Mark Aeling is an internationally known artist with more than 25 years of professional experience. Sculpture is his life’s ambition and his life’s work.

Aeling has completed many public and private commissions, from small, interior artworks to monumental exterior installations. His extensive experience includes all complex phases involved in the creation of indoor and outdoor public art from concept and design through budgeting, fabrication and installation. His specific knowledge of materials and fabrication are valuable and necessary skills for the development of durable public art able to withstand the demands of any climate. A long-standing track record for return clients demonstrates his ability to manage and deliver large-scale national projects on time and within budget and makes him an ideal candidate for projects of even the largest scale and scope. He has mastered a wide range of materials and processes from castable mediums like concrete and bronze to fabricated metals like stainless, aluminum and bronze. This versatility allows for a very unique capacity in problem-solving which is ideal for a variety of applications, both functional and non-functional.

A lifetime commitment to the creative process results in extensive project experience and evolves the ability to foresee potential challenges and convert them into opportunities. At the outset of his recent project for the Florida Aquarium, Aeling was able to see quickly that the entry lobby’s uniquely curved wall presented a possible challenge at installation. He built a full-scale mock-up of the wall in his studio to be certain that the sculpture’s installation would be seamless and efficient. This created the opportunity to contour each portion of the sculpture precisely to match its location and customize the lighting system for its specific environment.

Aeling is well-versed in working in the public realm with both public and private agencies, a process that inevitably involves collaboration. He understands the importance of working together as a team and knows that remaining flexible to adjust to any challenges as needed while maintaining clarity of vision is key to success.

Currently the President of The Board of Directors for St. Petersburg’s Warehouse Arts District Association, Mark Aeling has been instrumental in and devoted to the development of the arts in St. Petersburg since moving his studio here in 2005.