Jehoshaphat A. Jacinto, also known by his stage name JepStar is a Dancer and Instructor in Tampa Florida for Hip-hop and Funk styles, A student in the styles of Locking, Popping, and Breaking. A performer that is skilled in different movements like Yoyoing, Cardistry, Pen spinning, and Magic.

A graduate in Finance with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, he decided to pursue performing arts full-time as well as do something worthwhile as an artist by helping build within the community here in Tampa Bay. He believes that culture is the essence of these dance styles and having a cultural exchange with the originators as well as practitioners of the dance is how we grow as artists. Taught workshops here in Tampa Bay as well as in Trinidad and Tobago for Locking. He also traveled to San Francisco to learn the art of Strutting as well as performed there with the group Funk in Focus

Currently an instructor for Hillsborough County through the program called Prodigy where the focus is on sharing his talents and skill with at-risk youths and seniors. Also an adjunct instructor for Locking online for Urban Artistry in Washington D.C. for Applied Locking classes as well as being a Cultural Preservationist and Anthropologist of the dance styles.  He believes that these street dances should be treated as folk arts and works on sharing the history and stories of these movements and not just the moves themselves.