Jen Bowen

By the age of four, Jen was already drawing and painting in her hometown of upstate New York. Jen’s family moved to Florida and there she continued to practice art. After receiving a graphic design degree she pursued many avenues including shoe design, product development, and graphic design. But it was her continual need to paint that would always resurface. In 2002, she found a position painting for an art company. Over the next few years, she would paint over a thousand paintings of her original design. She continued to work on her personal work and participated in several art shows each year. It was then she realized she needed to make a leap for herself. Once again Jen took a risk and decided to start painting solely for herself and those who would appreciate her work.

After seeing Nelson Shanks’ work on the cover of American Artist magazine she decide to do whatever it took and become a classicly trained painter. She was accepted into the full-time program at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, PA. The school was founded by Nelson and Leona Shanks and focuses on classic Italian realism. She finished the four-year certificate program with excellence. Jen was awarded the teaching fellowship at Studio Incamminati. In the winter of 2011, Jen moved back to Florida. There she continues to pursue her passion for art. She is currently working on a body of work to develop into a solo show while working on commission portraits from various clients. If you are interested in having your portrait or a loved one’s painted do not hesitate to contact her. Thank you.