Chip Weiner

Local photographer and writer Chip Weiner has published a new book, Burgert Brothers: Another Look. The work recreates vintage photographs from the last 100 years in Tampa, originally taken by the Burgert Brothers commercial studio. In his work, Weiner went to extreme lengths to duplicate the exact photograph as published by the Burgerts. Standing in the exact spot, shooting at the same angle, and replicating the same lighting conditions at the same time of day as the original shots helped the effort.

The author wants to honor the history of work by the Burgert Brothers firm and their thousands of photographs now stored at the Hillsborough County Library and the USF Digital Collection. The book contains a cross-section of many areas of Tampa from the late 1800s  through the late 1960s. It contains over 150 images but Weiner says the work is not done. Since the book publication, he has continued the historical project and now has over 450 pairs of vintage photos (over 900 now and then shots in total) and is in the process of determining how to publish the entire collection.

His book is available at the Tampa Bay History Center bookstore, The Henry B Plant Museum bookstore.  Sample images and the book are also available online