Aurailieus Artist

I am an ARTIST. I do all the things that artists do. Create, think deep profound thoughts about the immense void inhabiting my billfold, and try to add some beauty to the world.


THIS is where I bore with you random tidbits of information like where I was born what art degrees I have or don’t have ( I don’t have any) how many millions of art shows my art was exhibited in (only about two million), what artist collectives or associations I belong to, and what I think my art means, or what I hope to achieve with it. But, there are no easy answers here, I AM an artist because I have to be, I paint because I want to, and my works says or means or conveys whatever I felt that day. I will leave the important stuff for YOU to decide. It’s YOUR ART. Look at it love it hate it or burn it in your backyard. Let it speak to you and tell you what it all means. OR just look at the pretty colors. Once you have it all decided, I’ll surprise you.