Annie Rosse Gonzalez

Annie Rosse Gonzalez | Tampa, FL

Fine Art Photographer Annie Rosse, focuses on creating symbolically driven and emotional work for local, national, and international exhibitions. Her work is largely conceptual and self-reflective; drawing from and exploring the metaphysical connection between her true and ideal self.

Annie is currently a represented artist with the UPA Gallery. She is also a Board Member, and a contributor for the non-profit, the Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists. For her exhibition history, please view her Exhibition-CV.
General Artist Statement:
Defined, Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explores the nature of being, existence, and reality. In life, I am constantly exploring the metaphysical connection between my ideal self and my true self. Through this personal exploration, I am able to create.

Many of the recurring themes and symbolic narratives that I use in my work relate to the female spirit and its expression.