Thank you for visiting my page.  I was born in Louisville, KY and currently live in Tampa, FL.  As a child, I lived in  Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, California and New Jersey.  I  graduated from the University of Florida and have lived in Florida since. Since childhood, drawing, painting and ceramics were my passion.  Thankfully, I am able to continue to refine my craft every year. Teachers make a difference in the lives of so many, and I  credit three high school art teachers with teaching me many mediums and giving me confidence in my work.

My main focus is on abstract art and I  paint mostly with acrylic paints on stretched canvas. I enjoy being commissioned for specific works from clients and many interior designers from around the country.  I have been featured in Tampa galleries/hotels/retail stores/art exhibitions and can be found on Instagram at @abstractartcanvas.

Email:  abstractartcanvas@gmail.com

Abstract artist- Tampa, Fl
Inventory and commissions available.
Please email for appointments/purchase/info.