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Acting & Improv Class for Middle School

Students will explore performing in a nurturing environment that promotes imagination and individuality. Through comedy, drama, and improvisation, students will create characters and scenes for stage and screen. The class will increase skills in public speaking, presentations, and performances, perfect for building creativity, self-esteem, and confidence. The curriculum is individualized to each actor to challenge […]

Acting Class for High School

This acting class for high school is fun for the beginning actor and the practicing performer. Geared toward the demanding expectations of high school students while providing a creative outlet. Students will study character development, script analysis, improv, speech, diction, and audition techniques. Each session students will be coached individually to build on strengths and […]

Acting Class for Elementary School Students: Story, Rhythm & Rhyme

A fun time for the young performer while exploring new stories, songs, rhymes, and movement each week. A great class to learn social skills and build self-confidence while creating fun performances. Students will develop characters through storytelling, singing, musical instruments, and movement while learning practical developmental skills—the perfect class to encourage and foster creativity and […]