V for Vendetta (2005)


Nov 05 2022


Tampa Theatre
711 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602
2h 12m / R / Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

The Wachowski siblings are veritable virtuosi, crafting extravagant visions of vortical violence in a dystopian vein. Viz. The Matrix, the virtual vade mecum for visual effects. But following the Matrix trilogy and just before vetting director James McTeigue to revamp their TV project The Invasion, they tapped him to supervise their next venture, V for Vendetta.

The UK, after devastating nuclear war, vexillates beneath a new flag: the vile standard of Norsefire. Their fascist, nationalist vitriol is suddenly in vogue, and they deploy their cruel venom at “undesirables” with vacant opposition. But who is this new visitor, the radical vigilante V? A viceroy of virtue, a check on the valve of vainglorious vae victus, V vanquishes villains. But he’s a volatile vessel for emancipation, vitally vexed just on the verge of victory. The movie takes us through vistas of valor and valleys of vice. Is his plan viable or in vain? In the real world, V’s vexatious veneer became the universal visage for various vandals and visionaries. In the movie, can he invigorate a volitional revolution with just his vociferous voice, his vulpine wit, the vengeful vixen Evey, a flock of ex-victims — and a volley of shivs?

But despite our volubility, it’s not vagary that we valorize V for Vendetta. We’ve recently verified that a staff member who will soon be vanishing votes for this as his very favorite video! We vowed to render his velleity vindicated. And so our ventose verbiage serves not merely as venality (nor invective that you might swipe your valuable Visa), but a valediction for our comrade as he vamooses this vicinity for a new venture. Bon voyage to verdant new vocational pastures, Ernest! Come visit!

And as for you varletry, we vouchsafe you this viewing: V for Vendetta on its veritable, in-universe anniversary. It’s a very good movie, it’s relevant and vibey. V out of V stars.


Tampa Theatre


Art Lovers,

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