Powerstories Voices of Truth Theatre Festival


Mar 10 - 28 2021



Powerstories Theatre, in collaboration with Outcast Theatre Collective, is proud to present the inaugural Voices of Truth Theatre Festival, showcasing local, national, and international casts to a global audience. The festival is 100% virtual to ensure your safety. Each play is debuting in one of three ways, depending upon the playwright’s wishes: virtual live-streamed from the Powerstories’ stage, live via Zoom, or a prerecorded theatre experience. We are excited for you to experience a diverse selection of topics ranging from a woman discovering a comet, an eating disorder, a murder trial, sexual abuse to gun violence and mental health, and ten other conversation-starting topics. The festival runs from Wednesday, March 10 through Sunday, March 28, 2021. Enjoy all of our virtual performances from the comfort of your home.

Individual tickets $10

All-Access 16-Show Festival Pass $99. Save $20 until Feb. 14.

Festival Schedule:
Wed., Mar. 10 – 8 pm
Listen… Can You Hear Me Now? By Gloria Rosen (New York)
Thur., Mar. 11 – 8 pm
Trifles By Susan Gladspell – Project Curated By Sheri Whittington (Florida)
Fri., Mar. 12 – 8 pm
Miss Mitchell’s Comet By Dwayne Yancey (Virginia)
Sat., Mar. 13 – 8 pm
A Conversation with Myself By Julliette Moore (Florida)
Sun., Mar. 14 – 8 pm
The Very Last Dance of Homeless Joe By Rich Courage (New York)
Thurs., Mar. 18 – 8 pm
Scenes from the Outcast By Outcast Theatre Collective (Florida)
Fri., Mar. 19 – 8 pm
Dancing Among the Wildflowers By David John Preece (New Hampshire)
Sat., Mar. 20 – 8 pm
A Necessary Conversation By Peter Nason & Deborah Bostock-Kelley (Florida)
Sun., Mar. 21 – 8 pm
No Know Nothing By Elizabeth Indianos (Florida) & Survivor By Ellen Kaplan (Massachusetts)
Wed., Mar. 24 – 8 pm
Outcast Interactive Forum By Outcast Theatre Collective (Florida)
Thurs., Mar. 25 – 8 pm
The Drowning Girls By Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson, and Daniela Vlaskalic – Project Curated By Clareann Despain (Florida)
Fri., Mar. 26 – 8 pm
Stat Geek in Natick By Bretton Reis (New Hampshire)
Sat., Mar. 27 – 8 pm
Classic Six By Lei
Sun., Mar. 28 – 8 pm
45 – Project Curated by Pamela Bulu & In A Moment By T.R. Butler (Florida)


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