Five Roles Available for Latinx Women for “Real Women Have Curves” at Powerstories Theatre

Real Women Have Curves is a play by Josefina Lopez that is set in a small sewing factory in East Los Angeles. It covers issues of gender politics and the Latina immigrant experience through a week in the lives of five Latina characters. See character descriptions below.

Powerstories Theatre is a professional non-equity nonprofit theatre with the mission of staging true stories to open minds and hearts. Performances will be at Powerstories Theatre, 2015 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa FL. All actors will receive compensation.
Audition Information – Auditions will be held on the following two days at Powerstories Theatre. All actors need to show proof of vaccination to audition. Please wear masks.
Saturday, December 4, 2021, 1-5pm and Sunday, December 5, 2021, 1-5pm.
Please come prepared with a 1-2 minute dramatic or comedic monologue. Sides from the play will be provided for further readings.
ANA: 18, plump and pretty, sister of Estela, daughter of Carmen. She is a recent high-school graduate and a young feminist who wants to go to college but is stuck in the factory helping out her sister.
ESTELA: 34, plump, plain-looking, owner of the “Garcia Sewing Factory”, a hopeless romantic at heart, but a hard worker.
CARMEN: 50, a short, large woman, mother of Ana and Estela. She has a talent for storytelling and gossip.
PANCHA: 32, a huge woman who is very mellow in her ways, but quick with her tongue, very Catholic and traditional at times.
ROSALI: 29, thin, sweet, and easygoing, but has a secret and is insecure about her sex appeal.
To schedule an audition date, please complete the following form:
You will receive a confirmation email with a time for the audition. You can also schedule an audition by contacting Artistic Director . Please provide your preferred date. For any questions about the play or characters, contact Director Linda Edmundo at Please send a digital copy of your head shot if you have one or bring to the audition.