Auditions for New Tampa Players’ production of Polkadots: The Cool Kids’ Musical

New Tampa Players is producing “Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical” directed by Carlyn Postle and Nora Paine.
The plot follows 8-year-old Lily Polkadot who just moved to the “Squares Only” small town of Rockaway. As the first Polkadot in an all Square school, Lily faces an almost impossible task of gaining acceptance from her peers. From daily bullying to segregated drinking fountains, Lily’s quest seems hopeless until she meets Sky, a shy Square boy whose curiosity for her unique polkadot skin blooms into an unexpected pal-ship. Inspired by the events of The Little Rock 9, Polkadots serves as a colorful history lesson for children, reminding them that our individual differences make us awesome, not outcasts.
Auditions will be via video submission. Through the link in this form, please submit a video of yourself singing 32 bars, along with yourself performing a 1 minute monologue. Submission Deadline is May 19th. Callbacks will be on May 23rd from 1PM-4PM.
Google Form can be found at:
Rehearsals will begin in early June and will start on Zoom. Rehearsals will move to in person rehearsals at Uptown Stage near USF on June 20th. Rehearsals will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 7-10 PM during late July and August with Saturday or Sunday afternoons during the months of June and early July. All standard social distancing protocols will be in place for rehearsals and performances.
Mandatory Tech Rehearsals are August 15th-19th.
Mandatory Performance Dates are August 20th, 21st, 22, 27, 28, and 29th
This show is appropriate for all ages.
Roles in Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical
Lily Polkadot- Female: 8 years old, but will be played by a teenager. Lily is the sunlight in the midst of a storm; smart, charming and strong willed; she has the task of being the first of her kind ever integrated into a school of all Squares. Must be played by a Black, Indigenous Person of Color.
Penelope Square-Female – 9, but will be played by a teenager: A straight up bully; bratty, loud and entitled; the world revolves around Penelope and we just happen to be living in it; older sister to Sky Square.
Sky Square-Male – 8: but will be played by a younger teenager: Ideally short; video games illuminate his imagination; he’s anxiously shy, friendly, quirky and curious; younger brother to Penelope Square and admirer of Lily Polkadot.
Mrs. Square/Mama Square: Female – Mid 30s-40s: Doubles as both characters: Mrs. Square is the teacher at Rockaway Elementary responsible for integrating Polkadots and Squares; she’s the disciplinarian- conflicted yet gentle and loving all in the same. Mama Square is a loud mouth, overbearing and stuck in her ways.
For more information about Polkadots, go to:…/polkadots-the-cool…/…