Anti-Art Exhibition: Call to Artists

Anti-art is a loose term that is applied to artistic forms that question the existing accepted definition of art or questions art in general. Anti-artwork may criticize certain aspects of art or artistic standards overall. As the 2020s continue to challenge our values, change our ideals, and force us to think outside of the box. The Milostka Exhibition Center is curating an exhibit that showcases the absence of established artistic practices and historically celebrated aesthetics.

This is an open call for art and artists who challenge traditional or popular art forms. Artists who have been inspired by dadaism, constructivism, surrealism, lettrism, neodadism, and more. We are blurring the artistic modern boundaries with diverse forms of expression.

Deadline: 21/November/2022

Entry Fee: Yes

Fee Detail: $3 for students & $5 for regular artists. Free for Culturally Arts Collective members

Contact: For any further information contact Senior Curator, Anwar Mohammad ( )

Submission link: