Vickie Scarlett-Fisher

Vickie Scarlett Fisher is from Texas and Colorado. Vickie’s paintings are inspired from her childhood and by her mother, but her mother will tell you that she got Vickie a pack of crayons and let her draw on the back of a church bulletin in order to keep her quiet during service!

Through the years, Vickie learned her artwork was a way to express and to feed her creative urges. Her art is an expression of how she sees life, the beauty that exists around us and our connection to the universe. The bright, bold and vivid colors describe the spirit within all of us, and to bring happiness and joy, in an effort to brighten the lives of those who see her creations.

Vickie Fisher is currently residing in Tampa with her husband and works with Life Enrichment Center and continues her education. Her work has been displayed in Colorado, Texas and is now in Florida.

Her work can also be seen on the following websites: Http://